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Who is true Friend ?

A true friend will show you the right path, no matter how hard it is. A true friend will never just fall In to our laps.
One friend in a lifetime is much, two are many, three is not possible A true friend does not only believe in their common interest, but also practices it too. A true friend does not exploit the weaknesses of others, but extends to them genuine sympathy. True friends do not shed crocodile tears.
When other people suffer; they share their sorrow and grief as far as humanly possible. They are not silent spectators of their tragic and miserable live, but are genuinely moved to drag them out of the swamp of their misery. their misery. And they sacrifice whenever occasion arises. In choosing a friend one must enlist one’s judgement in a manner free from emotion and try to find the norm for assessing his or her real worth. A true friend does not manipulate you; and you do not use manipulation with your friend. Support and praise your friend and be compassionate about their failures and imperfections. Building true friendship takes many years.
Sympathetic advice should be given in a soft and gentle tone,
and someone’s weak point or moral inadequacy should be pointed out in an effective manner, suggesting in a friendly way that the path selected is one that would result in misfortune and ruin.

By Kishor Bhattacharjee

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