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About Me


Hi' a very brief profile of me is that, my name is Kishor. I am originally from Silchar , Assam , India . Now I live in Manchester , UK . My heart belongs to India , I love Silchar. I have a well balanced appreciation for east & west cultures; however, I am Indian first and always will be in respect to our values. I am a person of principal, integrity; loyalty and trust as there are also some of the most important values that I seek in others. I am very liberal and independent in my thoughts and believe. I am a simple person and straight forward thoughts. I disregard dishonest people and despise backstabbers. I'm a very private person. In fact I am highly emotional. I enjoy pure and beautiful things in life. I live to love, and to be loved.

I'm an intrepid photographer and I love playing around with HTML and Macromedia flash, which led me to create this site, I mean to say I am a freelance web designer. Contents are all born out of my own experience about life and relationship [ Love / Friend / Marriage / Happiness / Life& Relationship ] in general. Everything about this site is my thought and feeling. Now my goal is to promote my home town Silchar's natural beauty and its biggest religious festival “Durga Puja” to every corner of the world. Of course with your help, your support will be appreciated. Please link this website where you think it's applicable. Thank you.

Life has taught me never to judge people by there sweet talk and pretty look. These two things can be venomous.

I believe that a lot of things surrounding modern world has changed human behaviour. Sadly, and finally it seemed almost normal to have abnormal relationship. I've never considers myself a fan of it. I was always aware that it was a sin.

I believe I'm not really the kind of person who wants a lot of flash things for me. If I do manage to earn a good living from what I earn, that is fine for me. I look for happiness by making others happy.

I believe I'm pretty good at designing website. And give respect where it is due.

I believe that we all have a faith of some description. I was not a very religious person before, but I do believe some one is out there, who can pass the judgement for our deed. Faith has helped me through the hard time.
Now I do believe in faith. It made me understand what it is by that which cannot be taken away. The essential self that is yours and yours alone cannot be taken away. Only you can give it up. That said, things can be taken away and that can be painful. Loss is painful. If you are honest, then God will be with you.

I believe that I'm the same person as I was before. And I'd like to make a conscious effort to remain that same person. Some time I don't shave and don't really wear flashy clothes, if people see me looking a bit rough, I'm not really bothered. Knowingly I don't hurt anyone.

I believe in a relationship (marriage) there should not be more then three in a ring. Man, Woman & God. If there is fourth in a ring, that relationship will never last. No matter how innocent it looks at 1 st .

I belive In Life, it doesn't matter who I am, but whether someone appreciates me for what I am, accepts me and loves me unconditionally, that’s me. Remember one thing in life. A Real Friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks away.

My thanks

I would like to thanks all my friends who stood by me at difficult time (2004). My Special thanks to Mr F.C.Deb a true human. I can't say enough of hem. I also appreciate the support I receive from his delightful wife “Babli”.

I am grateful first and foremost to “Mou” a truly pure magnificent person, without her help I wouldn't of being here to write. She taught me how to re-live the life. Her attention, encouragement, flexibility and sense of humours have kept me going. Her undying love and respect was breath of fresh air for me. She walked in to my life and shares my pain. She made me feel loved. Mou you are my best friend and my world. I don't know that I'll ever be able to give you back what you have given me.

I would also like to thanks other people who have touched my life one way or another.

I'm what I am, and that's just what I am.
Some people will like me and some won't.
So, I might as well be myself, and then at least
I'll know that the people, who like me, like me. Thank you, Kishor .
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